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Or bring a published book and develop a new marketing plan.

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The need to be creative vs. the need to monetize that creativity can often feel at odds...

You need a safe place to hold the balance and explore creatively.
That safe place is Empowered Authors Academy.

Zhena Muzyka, author and publisher of Enliven Books, an imprint of Atria/ Simon & Schuster, presents a workshop that will give you the knowledge needed for successfully getting your book published and promoted to readers who will resonate with your message.

Whether you’re planning to self-publish, or want to land a book deal, you need to get clear on your book’s role in the world and how you will get it to readers. This course will help you achieve this. 

Zhena is a force of nature — and she’s your champion the entire time!
Like Being There...
This 7+ hour video series* — with tools, questionnaire, and templates — comprises a deep, candid exploration into the business of publishing.

*Filmed during a live course with Zhena during a 2-day intensive in the beautiful, visionary, creative hotspot of Ojai in Southern California.
"Zhena over delivers with a generosity of spirit and love. The ins and outs of everything you need to bring you back to the world from your heart."
- Rikka Zimmerman
Overview / Key Elements of a Successful Book Proposal
(1 hr 7 min)
What makes a book proposal great? How will your book sell “off the shelves” once you have it published? Education, action, and empowerment are the keys to your success as an author — Zhena is ready to hand them to you and show you the doors to open.
Marketing Prowess & Your Book Proposal (The Marketing Plan)
(1 hr 20 min)
With a multi-million dollar tea company under her belt, the scrappy marketing veteran takes center stage as Zhena shares marketing tips and tactics, including the master plan, media training, publicity, advertising, online book tours, and more.
Part 1
(49 min)
In this in-depth exploration, Zhena works with aspiring authors (several of whom had or now have book contracts) as they engage with their material, honing and refining the messaging in their actual book proposals, beginning with “Why Me? Why Now? Who will buy it?”
Marketing with Video, Websites, Social Media, etc.
(31 min)
Cinematic, viral, interviews, etc. — ways to promote your book with video, either as a book trailer, highlights reel, or for general promo purposes. This includes helpful tips for gathering footage and for working with freelancers, foreign and domestic.
Developing Your “Avatar” 
& Marketing Strategy
(2 hr 18 min)
Who is your spirit guide reader? This is what Zhena likes to call the “marketing avatar” she will help you create to focus the voice of your proposal and book? What will YOU do to sell/market your book to them? Includes candid feedback from Zhena to course participants.
Part 2 
(1 hr 8 min)
Your process will parallel those of the on-video students, as you finalize the deep dive into the last sections of your proposal, including market research, clear sales goals, defining success for you, and detailing your responsibility as an author.
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than anywhere else!
“I’ve been in the publishing industry for twenty-seven years...the president of Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing...250 titles during that time...specializing in marketing and getting books into print. I love Zhena, she’s an amazing woman and a great publisher, but what I really got was more clarity than I’d gotten anywhere else, from any other training that I’ve done personally, or that I’ve actually presented at!”
Patty Aubery
 President, The Canfield Training Group

with what's possible!
“If you are thinking about writing a book, or you have started to write your me you want to come. I had already started the first draft of my book...but, my vision for what was possible for my book has basically been expanded by about 100 times...far beyond what I thought was possible. So now, not only do I have a greater vision for what will happen with my book, but I actually have a plan that I can execute!”
Miriam Meima, M.A.
Coach & Psychologist

with effective tools
“I came with the first draft of my book complete. I was having a lot of fear about my worthiness of being an author or a writer. The academy is giving me all the tools that I need not only to successfully launch my book, but to market it and understand how it can be of service to the world and to humanity is the perfect opportunity to help you shine, hone your skills, and make sure that you’re a success.”
Sunne Justice

(co-founder Burt’s Bees)

and tons of experience!
“There’s one person up here in front of us and she is a published author, she’s a successful publisher, she’s a very successful entrepreneur, she is genuinely compassionate and concerned and involved with us. I can’t recommend this seminar highly’s fantastic! You absolutely must experience it!!”
Dwight Marcus
Music Producer

with the right set of tools
“I came here with just a bare bones of a book idea. I have a whole set of tools now on how to be an artist in the realm of book writing. We’re constantly being tutored in the realm of book business. To me, as an artist, there’s a certain marriage between creativity and business that allows you to really give your love to everyone.”
Beth Amine

while keeping your head
“I came here with a leap of faith. What I really wanted to get out of it was tips on publishing, my book proposal, the business plan. But, I got something I wasn’t anticipating... the head of the book was there, but the heart of the book wasn’t quite there ...she gave my book heart, and I hadn’t realized it was missing.”
Tracy S. Bennett, Ph.D.

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What You’ll Accomplish:
You’ll write the first, (second, or third) draft of your book proposal or your book launch plan (hint: your proposal is your launch plan!) with guidance by other successful authors, editors, and Zhena.
You’ll get clear on your book’s audience & how to find them.
You’ll gain a deep understanding of book marketing in the digital age.
You’ll learn how to navigate the publishing industry: Agents, editors, publishers, booksellers, and readers.
You’ll uncover more knowledge of yourself, increase your motivation, and clarify your book’s mission–all of which will obliterate fear so you can GSD. (Code word: you can google it :))
Who is this for?
First-time authors
Already published authors looking for ways to increase book sales
Self-published authors or those planning to self-publish
Authors who want to write a solid marketing and business plan for their book launch
Authors seeking a traditional publishing deal
Anyone with a dream to write and publish a book
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You will learn:

  • Writing secrets of published authors
  • The 10 elements of a winning book proposal
  • How to build your platform with social media, blogging, website, marketing partners & corporate sponsors
  • How to market your books to booksellers–even if you have a publisher, this is more important than ever!
  • All about book tours, events, partners, book clubs, and selling to corporations
  • How to share your book in authentic ways & find your readers
  • What you will need to do and what your publisher will do
  • When it’s best to self-publish and when it’s best to publish traditionally
  • Creating products from your book and creating ways to build your business with your book
  • Author Care: this is a marathon, you need to train. How to care for your mind-body-spirit during the book writing & marketing marathon
  • How to write and optimize your book proposal for agents, editors, publishers, and for your own marketing plan. Even if you don’t sell your book to a publisher, this plan is your roadmap to self-publishing success.
  • Zhena will share precious writing tips & resources for marketing your book.
  • Empower yourself with the knowledge of the publishing industry–nuts and bolts, money matters, what to expect from agents and editors, along with how advances and royalties work.
  • How the business of publishing works in the 21st century: Ebooks, self-publishing, outreach to publicity and reviewers, and more.
  • Learn techniques for discoverability: SEO, Blog links, guest blogging, and your website strategy for opt-ins.
  • How to attract an aligned readership to your book in authentic, organic and powerful ways
  • How partnering with your publisher can lead to longterm success.
  • A template for a successful book proposal– AND a first draft of your completed proposal!
  • A template for a successful marketing plan–three years in the making.
  • Time saving tips for social media building
  • Publicity strategies
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